Welcome to Calvert Kennels home page. Our Kennel is located in the foothills of the Cascades providing us with ample opportunities to enjoy working and training our dogs year round . As avid hunters, we enjoy hunting our dogs on wild birds both locally, in Eastern Oregon and our yearly trip to Montana.

        Established in 1996, we continue to provide quality German Shorthairs with excellent prey drive and versatility. Through selective breeding, our pups have proven to be confident, biddable (cooperative), and show strong natural ability in the field and water on both upland and waterfowl game. Our focus is on the Deutsch Kurzhaar with an intense drive, confident personality, and all purpose gun dog with the intention of having a dog capable of finding and  pointing game, as well as  tracking, and retrieving game at a range suitable for a foot hunter.

         Our pups are sold with a 2-year health guarantee,  microchipped, and a full puppy kit to ensure a great start.  Feel free to contact us regarding our GSP's or for information on the breed. We also offer home environment boarding for dogs not suited to staying in a kennel as well as some training.


About Us

        Our love of the outdoors, hunting and dogs led us to our journey into German Shorthairs in 1991 in Maryland with an inquisitive little liver ticked female named Gretchen who we rescued from Virginia. As our first GSP, we became involved with Mason-Dixon GSP club of Virginia and NAVHDA, then our GSP numbers grew! Our first purchased GSP would come in August of 1994 as our wedding gift to each other, Harley. He would be the start of our breeding program in 1997 with our first pup "Neela" who tested in NAVHDA at a 11 months with a max score of 112 in Natural Ability (NA). We have continued to improve our breedings with the integration of import lines into our home.

        Combined with our selective breeding, we continue to educate on every aspect of purchasing a GSP from finding a good breeder, selecting a puppy, health and training. Our commitment as a reputable, responsible, and responsive kennel producing a high quality hunting and family companion shows in our pups and the families we have built strong relationships with over the years. It takes years of commitment to build the knowledge, experience and awareness to be worthy of being called a "Breeder".

      Do the research and be patient- it's well worth it. The Breeder's who have earned a good reputation are themselves a breed apart. They have respect for the breed. They understand temperament, personality traits, and have the ability to read underlying meaning of an individual pup's behavior and assess compatibility and fit to a new family. It comes from experience and observations knowing what to look for. The quality breeder does not cut corners anywhere. They create the right environment for raising pups. They invest in the best veterinary care, putting health of their dogs above anything and everything else. We have built our reputation on these foundations and continue to work with and inform potential puppy buyers on all aspects of purchasing, raising, training, and hunting a German Shorthair. We hope we can help you in your search for your first GSP pup or your last. May it bring you countless years of love and enjoyment.

                                                                             Mark & Kathy Steele

                                                                                  Calvert Kennels

                                                                                        Est. 1996