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Ronnie Smith Foundation Seminar

Where: Queener Ridge Pheasants- Stayton, OR

Cost: $$395   Youth (Children 10 -16 are free with accompanying parent)

Time: 7:30AM-4:00PM

Questions?   Ronnie Smith    918.783.5400

Kathy Steele   541-259-3488 or 541-990-4062


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Registration Limit: 12    

Hands on training will begin at 8:00 Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the seminar Ronnie will go over the Foundation Level of training in depth and get you going through the steps with your dog. We will work on bird introductions, checkcording to birds, pointing, honoring, recalling, heeling, and general behavior issues. Ronnie will teach you to start reading your dog's behavior and help you to understand what your dog is truly feeling. Seminar sessions will adjourn at 4:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding this seminar, don't hesitate to contact us at Ronnie Smith Kennels or Kathy Steele at Calvert Kennels.

Other Information: Primitive camping (no water or electric hookups) will be available on site for free. Lunch is provided on both Saturday and Sunday but all other meals are the responsibility of participants.

Hotel accommodations available in Stayton

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